Kristin with her art and poetry installment, which was featured at Claro Coffee Bar in uptown Toledo from December 2017 until April 2018.

Kristin LaFollette is a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric & Writing program at Bowling Green State University where she recently completed a graduate certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She received a BA and an MA in English and creative writing from Indiana University (South Bend). Her research interests include creative writing, feminist and queer theories, and transgenre/multimodal composing. As a person of Cherokee heritage, Kristin is also interested in cultural rhetorics and, specifically, American Indian studies. Her dissertation research looks at transgenre work (and particularly transgenre work that combines elements of art and writing) through a queer theory lens to examine how transgenre composing challenges dominant norms in writing studies scholarship and pedagogy. She teaches writing courses at BGSU and is a Program Assistant for the General Studies Writing program, mentoring incoming graduate assistants. In addition, she also teaches English and humanities courses online for Indiana Institute of Technology.

As a creative-critical scholar, Kristin has had her poetry featured in various literary journals and magazines, including West Trade ReviewPoetry Quarterly, and Bridge Eight. She was featured in the anthology Ohio’s Best Emerging Poets (Z Publishing) and won the grand prize in the 2017 GFT Press Chapbook Contest for her manuscript, Body Parts. Her chapbook was published by GFT Press in March 2018. In addition, her poem “A Kind of Sympathy” was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Varnish: A Journal of Arts and Letters. Kristin’s artwork has been featured in Plath Profiles: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Sylvia Plath Studies and Spry Literary Journal, among others. She has book reviews featured in or forthcoming from The Journal of Teaching WritingAmerican Indian Quarterly, and Peitho and has a book chapter titled “Classroom Queerness and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” forthcoming in the edited collection Queer Affective Literacy: Fostering Critical Emotional Sensibilities in the Classroom. Kristin has presented her research at various regional and national conferences, including the Thomas R. Watson Conference, Computers and Writing, Feminisms and Rhetorics, and the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

Kristin currently lives in northwest Ohio with her husband, Justin, and their rescue greyhound, Ruby Soho. In her free time, she enjoys photography and searching for and collecting antiques. You can visit her on her blogphotography website, or you can check out her digital humanities capstone project for the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies certificate at BGSU.


Kristin’s art and poetry installation in the Women in the Arts gallery at Bowling Green State University’s ArtsX exposition in December 2017.