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LaFollette Dissertation Abstract (Short)

LaFollette Dissertation Abstract (Long)

Research Statement

LaFollette Research Statement

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This article was published in a special issue of Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal on poetry and social justice (Volume 3 Issue 1). It makes the argument that women’s poetry is a form of social activism that furthers the feminist cause and uses my own original poetry to show the forms this poetic activism can take.

LaFollette Art/Research International Article

This is a review of Qwo-Li Driskill’s Asegi Stories: Cherokee Queer and Two-Spirit Memory, which was published in American Indian Quarterly (Volume 42 Issue 1).

LaFollette AIQ Review

Poetry, Art, and Transgenre Work

My poems “Susceptible” and “A Lasting Impression” were published in The Ibis Head Review (Volume 2 Issue 2). They appear on pages 37 and 38 in this issue.

LaFollette Ibis Head Review Poems

For my contribution to The Light Ekphrastic (Issue 21), I was paired with an artist who created a work of art after my poem “Cat People.” I then wrote the poem “Deed’s Creek” after one of his works of art, and the artwork and poems were featured alongside each other in the issue.

LaFollette Light Ekphrastic Poems

My collage Skin was featured in Spry Literary Journal (Issue 8) along with an interview about the artwork and my artistic process.

LaFollette Spry Artwork/Interview

This transgenre piece is an excerpt from my master’s thesis, which is titled Like Las Vegas. The project uses anatomical images and diagrams, original photography, and prose-poetry to tell the story of a young woman caring for her brother. Chapter 2, which is the excerpt featured here, was published in The Hunger: A Journal (Issue 1).

LaFollette The Hunger Transgenre Excerpt

*A full list of my publications can be found in my CV.

Two sample collages from Kristin’s dissertation and the cover of her chapbook, Body Parts, which was published in March 2018 by GFT Press.
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